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that indeed sounds very strange/'wrong' to me: i'm not talking about levels or the overall soundfield/mix of direct, reflected and ambient sound (which i don't like much either), my critique is about panning: i'm missing a solid center and the pan positions of all instruments seem to be heavily exaggerated - it doesn't 'feel' like an ensemble seated in a more or less traditional way but like instruments randomly positioned in the room, without an anchor in their physical position.

cannot judge whether this due to the mic's or the capsule's arrangement (most likely not), positioning of the mic system, decoding, panning, downmixing, 'mixing' (if there was any at all) or a combination of all; it's somewhat hard (or close to impossible) to track down specific issues without enough context - any more details?
Will do further trial recording in the future. Want to compare with a fix mount [VR] mic side by side... (Maybe top to down?).