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The most important thing IMO is learning how to listen. It takes a lot of time and practice to learn how to hear and understand nuance, and start to intuitively know when something needs to be fixed, or just to leave it alone. Mixing happens mostly in your mind, and the biggest hurdle in new mixers is usually overcoming the desire to over-process things. Instead of EQ, compression, “tape” saturation, de-esser, M/S processing, multi-band compression, etc... maybe all that was needed was to balance things properly, then you might need a small amount of one or two of those things on some tracks, rather than all of those things on all tracks.

All the gear in the world won’t really help you if you don’t understand when, where and why to use it, and for that you need to actually listen. Mixing is mostly technical, but when it comes to the overall production, there is an art to it and that comes from taste and judgement, which again comes from listening.


Learn how to listen, and what to listen for.

Learn what gear to reach for and when.