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Well, after researching and reading about the antelope discrete I don't quite understand how you can compare it as good as RME??
and what gremlins you had with the Lynx??
I only report on driver performance as its delivered in my set testing environment !

As noted on the Lynx initial report , I had performance issues which were resolved with some firmware and driver updates !

It's really clear after reading user experiences on the antelope's thread that the discrete interfaces are full of bugs and they don't even work with many computers.
I don't and can't report on overall end user experience in respect to compatibility , thats specific to end user system environments that I could not possibly even begin to comment on. Interface worked on numerous TB environments on my test bench.

The interface is 'in development'?
Is that a funny way of saying that the antelope discrete is a beta interface perhaps??
I clearly stated the driver I tested was BETA on the initial post , drivers are always in development , I noted the WDM aspect was still to be finalised !

I really thought this thread was not biased from endorsements..

Where have I shown bias or made any endorsement !

The Quantum should be up on that list perhaps (perhaps)?
The Quantum is exactly where its meant to be regards delivered performance in context against the other tested interfaces.

With that out of the way.

Why did you need to quote the whole post , it just clogs up the thread constantly having the charts unnecessarily repeated.

Clean it up please.

Dickiefunk, can you do that as well please.