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Originally Posted by KlausEgon View Post
I am a little confused.
Is my english so bad, that my comment was misunderstood.
Or is my idea, to use faders and knobs together for control plugins and effects, nonsens and useless?

Not nonsense, you'd want knobs and faders to control a plugin synth for example.
And to this:
Originally Posted by artech909 View Post
Good idea but it is counterintuitive in studio conditions. Do you see any popular hardware studio EQ with faders/sliders? The answer is no.
I say the Trident A-range!

It's not that easy though. You'd have to write a script for that mode and allow it to access control link.
The plugin mode for the Mackie control protocol itself is not that sophisticated.
There have been amazing hacks but what's possible with those is ultimately limited by the way each DAW makes its controls accessible.

I've finished the map but will make a new thread for it so the old posts/map don't get read first