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First let me just say, fabulous playing all around and a nice tune!

The bass is indeed disappearing in places and there isn't enough definition for my ears. What seems to be happening is you are raising the fader volume to try and "hear" the notes which is creating that slight boom/mud on the bass. Problem is the definition may not be there on the original recording? A couple of things you can do.

1. When mixing, mult the bass and add saturation/distortion in large doses to one of the bass tracks. Ease it up under the original bass. You may find you want to also EQ the saturated/distorted track adding some bell curves at certain freq's. That kind of depends on the bass itself. Sometimes the 2K and 8K regions work nice on bass for adding clarity. Don't forget to roll off everything under about ~40-50hz or so. You don't need any of that for jazz.

2. When recording, use two mics for upright bass. I never use one mic because of this exact issue! I got this from reading about early Al Schmidt sessions. Put the bock 6"-12" inches out in front of the F-hole and another LDC (I prefer tube mics here) near the left hand that's on the neck to get the string sound from the player. Angle up or down based on your room and what you are hearing. It adds definition. Blend to taste. I've had tremendous luck with this in the past. Good luck man and again, excellent arrangement and playing!