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Originally Posted by rara View Post
i have been reading and watching a lot

i have gained a fair bit of knowledge but still it really lacks a fair bit when compared with CD quality

even without any eq compressor reverb delay etc i believe i should be still getting a really good quality sound
I agree. You have reasonable expectations.
Great video BTW.

Personally I'd like to see the output on XLR from the Phoenix; not sure that the parallel output (on jack) is going through the output transformer. You might need an XLR-to-jack cable to go into the Apollo.

Another point is that you'll probably hear more of a difference (between preamps) recording in a room (as opposed to the booth) where the ambience and acoustics come into play.

Final point is that you probably need acoustic treatment for the monitors - at the mirror points. This will make it easier to hear differences...even one acoustic tile in-between the speakers will make you go 'A-ha.'

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