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Old 23rd July 2019
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Nice work Henry!

I don't find the amount of bass on the guitar excessive. I have heard this on some jazz guitar playing, to the extent that it splatters all over the double bass, and you are not doing it :-)

I don't find the boominess of the double bass that big a deal either. Sounds quite old school rather than ECM, but I prefer that sound. I know it is subjective though and your clients may wish otherwise. Really if you want a more midrange twang and definition in the double bass it should start with the instrument strings, setup and playing style. Think Danny Thompson or what have you.

As others have noted the bass is dropping out the mix in places. Could be due to tonal irregularities in the instrument, room or player's technique, or some combination thereof. Experiment with different positions of the instrument and mic might even things out a bit. You have to be very careful when whacking frequencies out with EQ, so easy to fix one problem and create another.

I sometimes find multi band compression useful with double bass. Split into two bands with crossover between the sub / boom zone and definition frequency ranges. Sometimes it's a particular note in the sub range that sticks out, and doing more compression in the subs than in the definition range will help control the uneven boomy dynamics without sucking the life out the instrument.

Difficult to say though. It would be interesting to hear the raw recording of the double bass out of the mix, with no processing.