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I’d been curious about this one for a minute, since I always liked that section of the Evolver when I had one and often ran external sources through it:

Saw it had been discontinued, and I found one for nearly half off the original price, so I decided to pull the trigger.

I got one of these in the other day because I was of the impression it was a clone of the Boss RV-5 (and as I foolishly flipped my RV-3 a few years ago I thought I’d try getting some of that magic back without spending much):

Think that one might be going back. I’ve been pretty happy with my other Behringer clones of Boss pedals ( the Dimension C and DM-2 clones), but all of the different reverb types on this one basically sound the same. Only had a quick go with it yesterday, but if I give it one more chance and still feel the same way it’s going back and I’m going to have to spend decent money on a reverb pedal.
Are there more at that price (Feedback module)?