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Originally Posted by robert82 View Post
Oh jeez, monk . . . you should know by now that half my posts are tongue in cheek!

Plus, I thought the "shriek of the Nazgul" was kinda funny.
I guess I was referring to the person you were responding to.

Some of your details were great.

For example, if any over 30 person disdains or critiques some modern music made by an under 30 person they are "an old man shouting at a cloud." No matter how nuanced or valid their opinion might be. You might as well put on your clown nose and a cowboy hat any time you want to comment on something. Actually, that would be pretty funny.

I think the defining psychology of our times is that people invent their own facts, and live inside their own information, which may or may not be based on true events or even science.

Then again, I don't trust anyone's opinions about music, and I don't think anyone else should either. Therefore, say whatever you want. It makes no difference to me. You could be an NY Times journalist or an online keyboard warrior or a buddy of mine. It all goes in the trash bin. The only thing I really care about is if a bunch of people generally like something. That is a clue to me to go in and do some investigation. I'm not so worried about the specifics of any of the opinions.

Anyway back to shouting at the clouds.