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Heck, let's cut to the chase:

Modern "pop" singers might have good pipes (Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, etc.) but then their voices are so processed as to make it almost not a factor. The real reason these young women are stars is the dancing, the sultry poses and sheer clothing . . . it's about the video. A lot of it is just well-produced soft-core porn.

Pretty face + Autotune + dance moves = star.
i would not argue that in anyway. it is not to my taist but it is what it is.
i think a lot of this will fall to the side as i think good music will allways stand on its own.
i alos beleave a lot of what we see today is and must be taken in the light of just internment. its not about the music but the product to draw in a generation seperated from me by time?