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Old 22nd July 2019
Here for the gear

lurky lurker says hi


Very long time lurker here, who decided to register to ask a question. Once I did, I found the answer in a few threads. This place really is a gold mine of information.

I'm in a not quite suburban not quite rural spot in NJ, getting ready to do some recording in a large bedroom that is not really a studio at all.

The big thing I'm wrestling with now is that I have two Dragonfly mics that are not like a matched pair, bought a couple of years a part. I'm testing them out as overheads for a drum kit, and finding one may have a little more out put. I'll either confirm that problem over the next couple of days and maybe find a work-around, or go mic shopping, or renting first.

Anyway, here I'm is, saying hi, and going back to lurking and learning, and very slowly getting some recording done.