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There are certain things 5080 can't do that 990 can do (like oscillator sync, for example).

And no, I wouldn't compare 5080 to Kurzweil. Kurzweil can do much more overall. 5080 is still a very much fixed architecture synth with a few selectable routings, whereas Kurzweil is pretty much a digital modular.
There are also tons of things 990 cant do at all. XV5080 has tons of tweaking capabilities.I have no clue what you talking about.And I`m not the first one to compare it has similar deep editing features like K2500.

I`m quite happy with it and simply do not care about sync features too much. To me it sounds awesome and I spent on some patches hours to refine them.My signature tones are there and I cant get them anywhere else.I made extremely similar tone to Rudess Train of thoughts era.

Not to mentioned Jens Johansson solo tone since he used 2080 and I can import all factory presets from that synth,plus can edit it much detailed.

Harpsichords for example on SRX Complete Orchestra expansion are the best I heard actually(then any Kontakt samples i tried on the market too),simply kicks ass for neoclassical metal and stuff like Stratovarius and Malmsteen...