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Actually I also have NS5R that I never turn on (nor can I sell it for anything special). Want it?

The only difference that I managed to ascertain is that NS5R has some sort of crosstalk noise going on if you use overdrive or distortion effects, which doesn't happen on N1R, or N364, or X5D, or X5DR. Not sure why - could it be the integrated PSU that is so close to the PCB with DSPs? But X5DR (which I also have - so, I have X5DR, NS5R and N1R, AND TR-Rack, ehehe) also has built-in PSU and no such crosstalk happening...

As for BigStrings patch, it's definitely 100% possible on NS5R/N1R - all the samples from X5D/N364 are there and they sound identical. The filter and FX all sound identical, so parameter range difference is the only thing standing between perfect recreation of that patch (or any other X5D/N364 patch) on NS5R/N1R. Minus the crosstalk issue with those drive FX on NS5R, of course. Oh yeah, NS5R is also gimped a bit with aftertouch parameters - some of them are missing, compared to N1/N364. But you don't need aftertouch for BigStrings, or pretty much any patches that Tuomas ever used
Naaa,but thanks for offering.Already have N364,so it would be crazy to buy another one.
I can have nice ai2 results with it as well. I`m not jus into Tuomas way of making music,but for sure I need those sounds.

Do you maybe have made preset conversions to share of N364 into N1R?That would be great to have,so when I get my hands on N1R to see direct comparation,and to sell N364 peacefully without feeling I lost something that I cant achieve.

I got also interested in O1Wfd, man my family gonna hate me. They already think I`m dead crazy having all this gear in one room.
But when you start getting interesting synths and when you hear what you gain out of them,wider pallet of options its hard to stay at one synth.

I do not like Triton too much to be honest,nor any new Korg rompler,or any other brand. These old one having more character for me personaly of course.

My favorites romplers are XV5080,Kurzweil K2500,and Korg (any of ai2) O1Wfd/N364/N1R. I would not wish to have any other for a lifetime.