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At one point I had my X5D side by side with N364 and ran the same patches through the same audio interface.

They sounded quite identical, really. Yes, including the BigStrings patch. X5D is just N364 in a cheaper case, 3 less memory banks (N364 has 2 ROM, 2 RAM banks, X5D has a single RAM bank) and without RPPR, sequencer and arpeggiator. And no aftertouch, yeah.

I'm sure other N-series machines can be made to sound identical as well, with some effort (I also have N1R) - the difference is in parameter ranges that the machines use. X5D and N364 use parameter ranges 0-99, whereas N1, N5, etc use 0-127. And nobody ever did conversion tables. :( I'm quite positive that the minimum and maximum real-world values used for a parameter are identical (i.e. cutoff 0 is, say, 20 Hz on both N364/X5D and N1, and cutoff 99 (or 127) is the same, say, 20k cutoff on both). It's just that in-between scaling of parameter ranges are different.
I was listening N1R sounds from polynominal :

To me it sound the cleanest of them all and super tight and sterile. I have friend who use NS5R,he have no patches that sound even close to Big String patch,and generally synth sound bit duller from all demos I heard from him.

Certainly it would be pain in the ass to convert patches to sound indetical with messed up value of parameters, but worth of trying if I get N1R and doing converting and listening going back an forth.

It could save a lot of space,and I prefer modules.Well if I ever get one in Bosnia&Herzegovina or Serbia, my relatives and friends from Croatia are not giving me a hand too much so these are the only two countries I can search for new/old gear.

Ebay prices for me are just too much crazy.

Thank you kindly for your input. Much appreciated.