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Originally Posted by bax View Post
My Zoia sits right next to my H9. Yeah, it's pretty sweet; Empress just recently added some cool granular stuff to it and they are just getting started. It really is a modular environment. No editor available or planned like VSIG, but for simpler stuff it is easy enough to keep track of visually.

I'd love to see them create a "Zoia MAX" as a 1-2U rack with more CPU/RAM/channels and additional higher-end Empress algos; I'd spend good money on that bad boy. Patchstorage has a very solid (and very growing) group of folks churning out really cool stuff for Zoia.

Eventide would be foolish not to see this, and also not to see where Line6 has gone with the Helix platform... I have hope...
they should do an editor, or at least create a text file format that could be uploaded to Zoia - what do the preset files that you save look like if you open in text editor?
With that the community would make something!

I'll probably pick one up in January; got my hands full with the H9000 at the moment

People need to voice this on their forums, showing interest goes a long way

Originally Posted by pangea2003 View Post
but i hope you understand that using one single instrument with this box is not my plan..
otherwise, why do i need so many dsp's?
a mixer module is really an essential thing to have for the h9000 with all those possible combinations of io's and algo's..
hard-wiring signals is not the way to go with so many dsp's, fx chains, and algos
you cannot mix signals from the algos with your apollo either..
for example, algo 1 feeds/sends one level to algo 2 and another send level to algo 3 and so on..
the true potential of this machine needs to be unlocked with mixer modules within the fx chains.
this box shouldn't be seen as another traditional 1 or two algos fx processor anymore
it's a whole studio in one box!
so just imagine a studio without a mixer, and with only the option of hardwiring all the signals with a fix patchbay
sure, everything can be done..
but what a difference having a mixer!
plus with all that connectivity and expansions cards onboard, i cannot see why it cannot be used as a proper computer audio interface too
there's no need for another rack space + having to synch multiple digital clocks especially on a daw is just looking for problems really..
i won't consider having to combine interfaces as aggregate device on the mac or asio4all on windows with the quality of this box..
Yea I get you!! I was actually wrong though, it's one instrument per FX chain to get a bit closer to the flexibility that you're looking for.
A mixer would be an amazing addition in particular for Live situations - Raise on the forum