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Old 22nd July 2019
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but i hope you understand that using one single instrument with this box is not my plan..
otherwise, why do i need so many dsp's?
a mixer module is really an essential thing to have for the h9000 with all those possible combinations of io's and algo's..
hard-wiring signals is not the way to go with so many dsp's, fx chains, and algos
you cannot mix signals from the algos with your apollo either..
for example, algo 1 feeds/sends one level to algo 2 and another send level to algo 3 and so on..
the true potential of this machine needs to be unlocked with mixer modules within the fx chains.
this box shouldn't be seen as another traditional 1 or two algos fx processor anymore
it's a whole studio in one box!
so just imagine a studio without a mixer, and with only the option of hardwiring all the signals with a fix patchbay
sure, everything can be done..
but what a difference having a mixer!
plus with all that connectivity and expansions cards onboard, i cannot see why it cannot be used as a proper computer audio interface too
there's no need for another rack space + having to synch multiple digital clocks especially on a daw is just looking for problems really..
i won't consider having to combine interfaces as aggregate device on the mac or asio4all on windows with the quality of this box..