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Originally Posted by pangea2003 View Post
Alright, let's see.. the most fundamental ones for me would be..

1 - Individual FX Sends for each of the signals sent from each of the Input Audio Sources to the different 4x Algorithms.
So let's say, If your guitar comes in from Analog 1, and you sent Analog 1 to 4x different Algorithms in parallel..
Same features for each of the additional Inputs you send to those same Algorithms..
Same features if you also chain the algo's to multiple algo's withing the FX chain.. [e.g. algo 1 is sent to algo 2 and algo 3+ direct to hardware output in parallel]

2 - Same for all and each of the Output Levels sent to all the hardware Outputs, etc..

Is possible to do that with the emote somehow?
I can't figure this out by looking at the manual or pictures and videos online..

That's certainly possible with a single instrument because you can use the mix controls within each algo to control how much you hear back from each - that can be either serial or parallel. If you want to feed in multiple instruments though and just a specific amount from each then I can't see how that can be done simply.
It's not in the usual Mixer type interface though
I use my setup with a UAD so hadn't felt the need for something like this but I can see how it would be useful, and necessary if I didn't have the Apollo
Best to make a feature request on the forum - the guys are listening