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Re: Re: Re: "vintage" converters

Vapor like the 192khz digidesign converter?

Originally posted by CrazyBeast
[BBTW- Are you a Lucid user? I thought I'd seen posts of yours regarding the 8824. How do you feel about it? [/B]
I like it. I need to a/b it to the Mytek I just got. Sonically, it beat a RME ADI-pro(sold) which beat a MOTU 2408mkII. Specifically, I like the big, fat, bright meters. I also like how I can configure it remotely and don't have to deal with dipswitchage.

I saw on your website that you wrote-

Lucid ADA 8824 - 8 channels. Sounds great. I think I've finally figured out how to properly route with this thing.[/B]
What do you mean by route with it?