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Originally Posted by macgee View Post
It's possible one of the algos can do that; I remember looking before but couldn't do exactly what I wanted to do - maybe it's there somewhere.
This however would be very easy to build in Vsig, and do pretty much whatever you wanted.

In Emote though, I'm pretty sure you can connect more than one source into a module so it can do a static mix - I believe I did this before.
I think mixing together FX Chains isn't available yet, quite possibly the next major release which shouldn't be too far away
It would be great to know what algo allows the mixing between audio sources within the FX chains because a MIXER is very much needed here!
Even the very first fractal had a mixer module from the beginning to bring signals in and out in between the FX modules.
It's absolutely essential if you want to perform creatively with all the FX this beast can provide for playing live!
Static Mixing with the H9000 is a waste of all it's cool FX resources and IO connectivity in my humble opinion..
I'm very inclined to purchase mine this year but I absolutely need this feature first
If I have to implement this with VSIG.. then I would look for a cheaper H8000 to be honest with you..