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I believe the legendary tissue usage was popularized by Bob Clearmountain on the initial Yamaha NS-10's, which were the NS-10M and they apparently had issues in the upper frequencies. There is no such thing as "Yamaha NS-10" as he seems to be implying. The author of this article clearly didn't do enough research as the reissued models he is referring to, with the main update being the redesigned tweeter & crossover, are the NS-10M PRO, NS-10M STUDIO and the NS-10MC. I'm hesitating to read the rest of that article as he is already mixing up such rudimentary facts.
I had used the full quote as reference, but meant to only focus on the "...remained in production until 2001." info as my answer to your question.

As for the confusing statement> He did say "This tweaked design, known as the NS-10M (M for monitor) was marketed as a professional studio monitor" I took that as the 'Studio' model, as the ones before that were not marketed as a Studio monitor, nor were they 'tweaked' (as they were originals). And he reference the horizontal design too.

Not a big deal to me.

Also, even with my Studio's, I still used the tissue paper trick. Though I used 'Scott' toilet paper, which is very thin single ply tissue