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what is going on? i have recorded the same thing at -3db and -6 db, both sound good at home and like trash on my laptop or any of the more "consumer" devices. should i just record with peaks around 0db because i am already running my drums thru comp and filter?
IF -3DB AND -6DB are PEAK, then that is your problem. PEAK dB doesn't measure loudness and doesn't have anything to do with loudness.
You can have 100 mixes all peaking at 0dB and all 100 can have different volumes. PEAK DB doesn't measure loudness

You need to Look at your LUFS ranges and RMS ranges
i'm just trying to compete with normal loudness levels here..
Look into mastering. In mixing, you worry about how it sounds like. In mastering, you get your loudness and you get it to play as best as possible on every sound system, among other things....
why is it still not loud enough? sherman Filterbank seems to amplify the sound but eventually turns to distortion.
Because you are clipping it..

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