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They weren't popular 10 years ago. Back then you could grab JD-990 with Vintage card for 300$. Try to find one nowadays for that amount.

01W is definitely one of the big names of romplers to have, along with TG-77 and JD-990 it is a must and highly recommended. N series is newer generation but still it has a lot of that Korg magic in the effects section. And if you are after that sound, go N1R. Or go both. You can still grab 01R/W for cheap.
Well I grew up in 90`s. Believe it or not a lot of prog metal bands were using O1Wfd in that time. I guess it was never so popular genre anyway.

One example:

I currently have Roland XV5080(still pretty mad at myself to choose it over JD800/990),Yamaha SY77 and Korg N364(bought it recently cause of that big meaty Nightwish strings and sweet bells in wavestation alike vibe).

But I never heard people talking so much about N364,that is why I made this post, kind a reconsidering getting 01R/W maybe, but only if it will bring any better features in tweaking,since I love making my own detailed patches.

Or I just getting GAS again?