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I didn't get my DN504 yet,Its being shipped to me now..I also have had Jim Williams do a few pieces for me over the years..He did My Quantum audio labs console upgrades which I also upgraded the output transformers to Cinemag and it opened up the high end and he also did my echo II plate reverb electronics that were connected to my emt 140 plate reverb which I put new pickups on because it had none when I bought it.... both times Jim's work sounded great.. I love warm transformer sound because I was raised on it I guess you could say..I have always used consoles and grew up in the times of reel to reel tape in studio's, its what I started out on.. so yes mojo or warmth is always what I am going for...I use a really cool old Electrodyne 712 pre/eq with a total of three transformers in it as my main mic pre for most things and love it..I has an Auditronics 110 24 ch console for many years and now have an old Toa RX7 transformer based console...Love my transformers!!

as far as Compressors, I don't have many at the moment..I love my Distressor and have used it for many years ..also have a JLM LA500 which was a kit that someone else did and I am still trying to work the bugs out of the build of it so I cant use it yet..also have an old MXR duel limiter but that almost too dirty for some things...I sold a few other compressors a while back when I was out of work and in between jobs, so I need more compression and thought the dn504 could work for my now limited budget for gear... I am no longer a studio open for business but do my own projects and love to write songs and record them because I play all of the instruments myself..