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i use the fat bustard plus dangerous 2bus to the AUX IN in my hybrid setup (32 analog i/o)

mixing only

cool is your choice of subtleness or colour
-> attitude

i use the pultec-ish bass lift/cut almost as a default on the 2buss

occasionally the bass to mono comes in very handy

i hardly ever use (maybe i should) the top lift as i have the kush - clariphonic down the line for shelfing.

i never use the spread

i do use the out-level to occasionally control my level into the bus comp in case i was a little 'excited' and need to back-off a little for mixdown... can be a nice last minute ass-saver...

so to me it is a lot more than a summing tool. it's a very cool and versatile tone box. 100% recallable

Is it worth getting a Fat bustard if I already own a Thermionic Phoenix and treat separetly all my tracks with it?

Do we get the same result?

Thanks you for your feedback