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Old 21st July 2019
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Unable to get Audient id14 working - crackles pops dropouts


I'm having issues getting my iD14 to run on my Windows 10 (1903) PC. It might stay on for a few seconds before dropping it. The longest its ever run was for 2-3 minutes but that was filled with crackles. I did a clean windows 10 install yesterday to eliminate anything contributing to the problem.

Things I've tried:
- Install latest drivers for graphics card, chipset, lan and audio interface
- Changing to High Performance and disabling "USB selective suspend setting"
- Turning all power saving options off for my usb ports in device manager
- Defaulting iD14 as main output, ticking off exclusive mode
- Bitrate the same as id mixer
- Tried different usb ports
- Disabled onboard audio output in BIOS

My PC specs are
Windows 10 x64 bit
256gb Samsung SSD
MOBO: MSI B350 Tomahawk
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.20 GHz
Corsair 750
24.0 GB of RAM
GTX 1060