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Thanks for the replies so far.

Still wondering, how do you keep yourselves up to speed with what's out there?

I feel I play youtube more than my modular. And it feels like a waste of time. That, forums and Patch & Tweak got me here, but I feel something is missing:
Eurorack stuff doesn't change all that much. Mostly around NAMM new things get announced and many are similar modules just from different companies. If you browse sonicstate articles you will see most of the announcements or just check the main manufacturers every few months it isn't hard to stay current. You can also look at modulargrid to see the newest modules. On eurorack forums people are quick to bring attention to the "good" ones.

Sounds like maybe you need to make your modules more "fun". That is what I do - keep the most fun ones.

If it was my rack what you would be missing is the clock and gate stuff. I don't like traditional sequencers in my modular either but I do love playing gates. I have a about 1/4 of my rack as clock and gate like Horologic Solum, Zularic Repetitor, Integra Funkitus, Variatic Sequent, Bin Seq. All of these have lots of knobs and switches that are fun to play and are what make my modular an instrument.

Another 1/4 is complex oscillators because to me complex osc are super fun to play to evolve the patch as well as convenient in smaller systems.

Another 1/4 is the modulation and attenuator stuff which is my extra hands.

The last 1/4 is misc - effects, filters, and my most important module the 4ms wav recorder. The recorder is so important to me because daily I pull all wires, set something up, and record my playing even if just for a few minutes. Without it I have feelings that I missed opportunities or wasted my time. It adds permanence to a temporary system. I could do that externally but I like having it self contained because the simplicity of it is inviting which keeps me turning on my modular every day.