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Lives for gear

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Thanks for the replies so far.

Still wondering, how do you keep yourselves up to speed with what's out there?

I feel I play youtube more than my modular. And it feels like a waste of time. That, forums and Patch & Tweak got me here, but I feel something is missing:

A sequencer is not missing btw, I try to avoid constant bpm and looping stuff - my house and techno days are over for now. I'm more into 'experimental' and atonal stuff like drones, west coast blips, cello sounds etc. I'm planning to replace the Wasp with o_C or Quantimator, and the lightbar with the Eowave dual LFO. But this is just a side note and background for my question in the OP.
I visit and read a lot here and Muffs, and I watch a few YouTube channels (DivKid and such), and that keeps me in tune with most of it.

Then asking questions myself gets me most of the remainder, and I still miss a few things. And once in a while Ill dig into others' Modular Grid setups

For example, I had a MW thread asking about Vactrols, which lead to talk of LPGs, which lead to @ Lisa mentioning an LPG I'd never head of, etc.

That's about it, for me, and I feel like I keep up fine.