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What were the reasons you got the newer version, respectively, what were the exact problems?
My problems seemed to be mainly in the low end. The low end was anemic for some reason, even though these speakers have been said to have deep bass. My replacements have much deeper but still tight bass. If you want to shake a room, you might still want a sub, but if your concern is not to shake a room and actually hear the bass and not the room rattling, these are great. For the going used prices, I'm not sure anything else touches them.

I never got to the bottom of the specific issue. For all I know, the low end drivers were wired backwards, but it could have been something else. I returned them to Guitar Center and told me to call them and I'd buy them again if they were fixed. The problem is, as soon as the store took them back from the repair shop and entered it into their system, they were sold online to another customer even though I had waited a couple months or whatever for them.

However, from what I understand, some people have had problems with the amps and/or crossovers in some of the earlier revisions. It could have even been on a per batch basis or whatever. I can't tell you specifically, but at this point, many years later, if the mobtiors are operating properly, it's probably a non issue. However, this is an issue if you are buying the monitors sight unseen on the net. If the problems are just a rattle, sure they can be blown, but people have had issues with a ribbon cable becoming disconnected IIRC.

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Which exact Model of the NS-10's do you have? On my way to the Opal's an offer popped up for the NS-10 PRO's at also quite a bargain price. I'm probably also getting those
I have NS10MX's. They're pretty rare. Don't ask me how they compare to studios or regular ones. The last time I had used NS10's before these was well over 15 years prior to using this pair. Well.. Maybe less than that, but I wasn't paying attention.

Basically, it's supposed to have the quality of an NS10 studio, but is a much more recent model, so they tend to be in better shape than older models. However, they don't have tweeter covers and are aesthetically designed to be in a vertical position. I also believe the have magnetic shielding, but I'm not certain. That mainly matters if you're still using CRT monitors or anything sensitive to magnets though.
The tweeters could conceivably sound different, but who knows. One day I might shoot them out with someone else's pair, but I don't have any friends near me with NS10's. My closest friend that has a pair is 5 hours away.

They've been described as the "more pristine" version of NS10's, but maybe that's just internet talk. The main plus is probably that they're newer and therfore in better condition / more reliable. I wouldn't really worry about that. Get what you can, in the best condition you can, that operates properly and you should be good.

Then again, some people have switched their NS10's to Amphions, so that's a whole other rabbit hole to go down!

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