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Yeah, I’m among the preset haters too. I thought the Peak’s were bad! ...but you’re right. It’s easy enough to find one of the inits and just get going. I haven’t even used the sequencer yet!

I’m glad you can overwrite them, at least.
You want GOOD, USEABLE Presets?!?

Today's synthesists have ZERO regard for TRADITION

Back in my day, you got 5 banks of electric pianos a xylophone and an accordion and you damn well LIKED IT.

If you were really lucky you might get "S^%ty airoplane attempting takeoff 1" And "Tin can falling down stairs 2"

And who can forget those magical "F%$K YOU" presets, that the programmer would cryptically name with a "??oh!??" or ""hahaha"

It was programmer speak for "Menu-dive your way out of this D!$k Head!"

We came up tough but we came up HARD...Looking back those s!%y presets made a MAN out of me.

So give em' a tug, grow a few hairs on em' and show those s%^y presets there's a MAN twiddling them with the tips of his fingers.