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Old 20th July 2019
Lives for gear

Eh...I don't mind giving Novation the benefit of the doubt if they say they have an "Announcement"

In my experience, if they say they have something, they usually deliver, they also don't put half-baked gear on the market (Korg, Elektron, Roland...F%^king everybody)

They also support and upgrade their products better than anyone (which is cool, because they aren't broken to begin with, you aren't just getting something that should have been there in the first place...("Aww! Sweet! My Flagship Korg synth actually tracks pitch now! Christmas came early!)

And they've gone above and beyond twice with me in customer support.

As long as they keep that up, when they say "Hey! Check this out" I'll be more than happy to take a look, and perhaps buy.