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Lives for gear

Last week I was recording premieres for the Festival I archive for
Some of the other big events are recorded by the PA/Event company the Festival uses
They had a Zoom on a tall stand and a crossed pair on a taller concert stand
Not the way I would do it,Im still Mid Siding but with either MKH 80 or MKH 800 as mid, along with a MKH 30
I was mainly transcribing string quartets in a lovely Palladian Hall, or choral in a classic long chapel.
I was very happy with my string results, and working at much lower stand heights, just above music stand, using wide cardioid was very powerful tonally
I have abandoned room sound to a degree, to reduce noise, but on the choral and soprano plus piano still use fig 8 mid for rear lobe pick up
Variable pattern mid is a delicious tool to chase performance as so many performers now use the entire hall as a performance area.
The quality of playing was incredibly high, they all could turn on a pin head, hearing massed forces was more akin to a juggernaught
The ability to record inner detail really reveals the intimate conversation going on inside a SQ.
Sum and difference is a powerful tool
When in doubt press the mono button to check all are within the effective field, get within the critical distance and the event is captured.....