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Two conclusions or solutions emerge from this discussion. The first is that the mid-side technique is not best suited to a concert situation, because the Side microphone will function as room mic, which can be risky in unpredictable acoustics. And the solution should be universal.

I have to take exception to this. I have been using MS for concert situations for a few years now and have been pretty happy with it. Mathematically the MS performs as does a Blumlein XY. It does have the advantage, however, that the M mic is pointed straight at the source of sound. This is not true in the Blumlein's case. Rolo46 will be interested in your appraisal of MS as he has posted some really wonderful MS tracks, and on a regular basis. Of concerts. I would suggest you find his posts with his recorded tracks. I'd post mine but his are much better and make a stronger argument in favor of the MS rig, for concerts.

If you wish I can post a clip from some tracks made in a small church with polished cement floors, bare walls, a low dome ceiling covered on the inside with shingles and the chamber orchestra in a corner and against the walls.