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I wanted the drums to pair with a MachineDrum without the UW sampling. It does that well. TBH the synths weren't that interesting to me. I had a mild regret when I saw the monostation which lasted about 30 seconds.
i love my mono station simply for being able to add motion sequencing to any cv gear. i use the envelope and lfo output to modulate cv stuff all the time and motion record the parameters. it's great stuffs. not to mention the actual mod sequence and gate/note output. also the patch flipping allowing me to use it as an analogue drum machine is quite unique. its audio input is underrated as well as you can boost the signal to usable levels unlike most synths with an input. it's quite versatile. a volca sample can replace the regular circuit drums for less money and more features. nothing for the price can really replace the mono stations patch flipping or cv modulation and sequencing'

again this is all assuming you don't need poly. for the price it's hard to find any other poly synth or sequencer. but i'd argue the regular circuit shines as a portable sketch pad . the 2 poly synths and drums combined for the price you can make near full songs on the thing with chords, bass, drums, whatever.