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Basically I figure out what I want to buy next based on what I feel like I'm missing when I'm creating a patch. Like I'll be thinking to myself I have everything I need to add one more voice if I only had a ____ or something along those lines. Obviously creating voices is a little easier than devising ways to make your sequences more interesting but that can sometimes be obvious too. Like if you want to use two sequencers together but you don't want them to be playing at the same speed. What you need is a clock divider. That's what they're for. As far as wanting to make sequences more interesting I would look at probability modules like Branches or a sequencer that has probability as a core feature like the Eloquencer. Creative use of resets on sequencers can also lead to some good things. Burst generators are also a way to inject little fills into your sequences. They work great with probability too. And of course a slow moving free running CV source is always a great way to get things moving around a bit.