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Re: Re: "vintage" converters

Originally posted by faeflora
Well people like the sound of tape because of how it DISTORTS. As Fletcher implied, A/D converters aren't supposed to distort, they're supposed to be sonically passive.
Right. They're supposed to be, but they're usually not. In the case of the converters (vs older effects units), I'm referring more to what I would call their non-linear response than actual distortion, truncation, etc.

I'm just curious about other peoples findings. Like Bob's post regarding the 15 bit Mitsubishi's and older Apogees and e-cues about the Akai.

I agree that more bits is theoretically better. Perhaps since I do some work in the computer industry I'm wary of technological "advances" that are really vaporware.


Come 2012 when 492MHz 192kilobit converters cost $800, I -might- purchase a vintage Prism Dream converter if it were $30. I don't feel though, that digital distortion is as universally pleasant on material as primo analog distortion.
Agreed, however the Cranesong HEDD does it's thing is pretty pleasant though.


The above of course, assumes that there's no apocolypse/nuclear/alien/viral/asteroid doom.
There sure is a lot of weird **** going on in the world! The senators plane crash in my state being another recent example...

BTW- Are you a Lucid user? I thought I'd seen posts of yours regarding the 8824. How do you feel about it?