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Old 19th July 2019
Here for the gear

Two conclusions or solutions emerge from this discussion. The first is that the mid-side technique is not best suited to a concert situation, because the Side microphone will function as room mic, which can be risky in unpredictable acoustics. And the solution should be universal.

The traditional stereo in NOS configuration, as JoeDeF suggested, may well be optimal. There are two cables (short ones, as I'll explain later), but two black, small finger mics, for example CM4 or sE8 (preferably) should not attract anyone's attention.

The compromise can be only AT4050ST, which offers both solutions, although in 90° stereo its sensitivity drops to -42 dB (7.9 mV), which is comparable to CM4, and may raise concerns.

But there is no fear, however, because I plan to buy Zoom F6 soon and have high hopes for its great tolerance for the recording levels on the analogue side. The device should also be equipped with some form of Time Code, which should help to pair it with the GH5 camera before the concert. The F6, is extremely miniature device, and I hope it can even lie on the floor just next to the microphone stand and the cables will only run from the microphone(s) to the base of the stand. What an economics! Zoom F6 will also be operated via WiFi, so I can turn it on/off from behind the platform using a smartphone (as with GH5).

What do you think about it?