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Here for the gear

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For audio quality (and visual reasons) I use Sennheiser MKH30 with piggy-backed MKH8050
or MKH8040. The 8040 or 8050 are attached to the MKH30 with Rycote back to back clips.
I use a Rycote INV7 HG MKIII shockmount to hold the MKH30 with piggy-backed Mid mic.
I do not mind that the combination of two Senheisers is more expensive than my GH5 with good glass (I know of the Sen. high quality well!), after all the main subject of the event is music. But in a concert situation the microphone(s) must be on stage and the camera a lot further away. Either way, the two Senheisers are out of question, they are simply too expensive to simply archive the concert, maybe for YT. I leave this solution to audio-professionals in proper time.