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A more directional version of teh CM4 is possible but don't hold your breath, it could take years. A fig-8 is probably not going to happen. As for the clip mount... Line Audio is a microphone design company so don't hope for accessories... I'm sure there are options you haven't looked at, there's so much on the market today.

an hyper cardioid with a tight pattern might be a good snare/toms mic..
especially due to the the small and light nature of this mic.
although I don't know how they deal with high spl levels (in close position to drums) Overheads they have absolutely no problem

tons of options regarding mounting drum clips, in my opinion not one that give me the flexibility to position, angle and distance the mic as I need/want with a rather compact clip that stays in place with no issues (ala senny 604 or shure with screw)..

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