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Well the G is clearly lydian. I don't necessarily denote a key signature to assigning or identifying the tonic (especially for non-classical tunes). If so then one would have to say that C blues is in the key of F...who thinks like that? The mode that it's in to me determines what you call it. Like So What, which is in D dorian - who the hell says that it's in C major?
Fair enough, I would't say that So What "Is in D" me it needs the qualifier of dorian. Same thing with the blues, it's not "In C" it's "Blues in C" which are two different things (to me). When the C blues goes to the IV7, it's not in Bb and so on it's still just blues in C.

I guess I tend to think of it as either major or minor unless it's something like Get Lucky which is clearly dorian. IE Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah is, to me, "In C". Even though I can see the case for it being Am for the verses and F lydian for the first part of chorus and then C at the end. "Just the two of us" is in Fm (again to me) even if the Db lydian even get's two fived. Maybe with both of those and hotel california, for my ears, something that is lydian needs to really emphasize that #11 in the melody or chords in a way that makes that lydian sonority obvious. Same thing with Fast Car- that just sounds like it starts on the IV...and so on. Something like a movie trailer that's driving that #11 home hits me as Lydian.

But I can respect that you see it differently, Horses for courses...