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Here for the gear

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Maybe you should look at stereo microphones. This one would fit your ideas.

Visually not drawing attention to itself, two microphones in one housing for mid-side recording.

Here is another choice like that:

Or this one:
I admit, I seriously considered the stereo microphone.

There are many similar to LSD-2, but in my opinion they are too big for a central place on stage and may attract too much attention. There are a lot of opinions about VP88, but most of all I'm afraid of its weak sensitivity for a mobile recorder, and we're basically playing quiet music. AT4050ST seems the best - two types of stereo and MS, although it's the most expensive. But it's a great candidate!

Generally the Gearslutz is dominated by not the best opinion about one-point stereo microphones and maybe it's true, but in a concert situation their functionality has an incredible advantage: one cable (organisers hate cables), one mount (I hate to fight with a tripods and pliers minutes before playing), then one button to press ...unless there is an earthquake