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Here for the gear

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I've had pretty good results with an Avantone CK1 for the mid microphone with the M179 for side for something in the lower price range. You'd think the different size diaphragms might cause a directional mismatch and maybe they do. But tonally it works pretty well. The CK1 was using the cardioid capsule.

I tried it using a KSM27 and didn't like it. I don't much care for the KSM27 anyway seems a bit light and bright. It works better with the KSM 32 which I do like. Also tried it with the Audio Technica AT4033. I liked the KSM32 and CK1 pretty well. AT4033 alright not great. And didn't like the KSM27. I'd say I like the KSM32 and CK1 better than when I used the CAD M179 as the mid in cardioid pattern.

A pair of M179's in blumlein is a good pairing. So much so when compared with a pair of KSM44's in blumlein you wonder if the cost difference gained you all that much. The 44's are better, but not 4 times better.
However I'd love to use or have the microphones you mentioned, I'd never use two big mics (or visibly coloured) on stage. That's neither practical, nor elegant in that situation (like playing on the stage with a watch in your hand). But for home use I'll keep your suggestion in minde. Thanks.