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The chorus is in G, but like the verse, hints at Bm with the F#7.
I can't agree on that one, Hotel California is in Bm/Dmaj. The G in the chorus is a IV chord not a I (or a VI chord in Bm). It's not Am in the verse it's Amaj. There is never a C natural in the song (to suggest the key of G maj) and if you add extensions to the chorus it's a C# that sounds right (Gmaj7#11, Dmaj7, F#7 and Bm9) not C natural.

The chorus is IV-I-V/vi-vi-IV-I-ii-V/vi in D maj or VI-III-V-i-VI-III-iv-V in Bmin. If we consider the F# major to be diatonic to B harmonic minor, then the only non-diatonic chord in the song is the E major in the verse.