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Think of it this way... If you are looking to help your friend purchase a new car with a specific purpose in mind... Maybe your friend needs a new daily driving car. And your friend has $50,000 to spend on a new car. Are you going to walk into a Kia dealership and say "i need a new daily driving car, I have $50k to spend. What do you have?" No... you are going to look at what Kia normally sells their sedans for ($15k to $20K) and then say "I have $12,000. What do you have?"

Yes Kia has a $60,000 sedan (the K900)... but would you want to spend $60k on a Kia when you could spend $60k on a a BMW 5 series or an E-class Mercedes?

And then when you walk into the BMW dealership you aren't going to say you have "$12,000"... you are more likely to say you have $40k or $45K and see what the person says..
I don’t know Etch. That Kia Stinger looks pretty sweet. No, it isn’t a BMW. It doesn’t have the same “prestige”. But it looks pretty fun to drive.