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how would you mount the two together? I found two or three mounts for SDC pairs (Schoeps AMS22, Octava SM-MSR, maybe Shure A27M), but I don’t see any chance to have the heavy M179 and any SDC on one stand.
For MS with two LDC mics I always use a Manfrotto 154b (microphone support) set vertically and fitted to the top of the mic stand (for which I usually use a Manfrotto 1004BAC) with a Manfrotto 026 Lite-Tite Swivel Adapter. I can't see why this wouldn't work with an SDC for the mid mic, though, personally I would use two similar mics for M and S (and two CAD M179s would give you all sorts of options). That said, a vertical LDC MS pair isn't the most minimalist thing in visual terms!