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I know it is an old (and cheap) microphone, but still excellent and I have had it for a long time and I would like to finally use its figure-of-eight mode. What would you advise as a SDC ‘Mid’ mic - I know, there are dozens of them, but also how would you mount the two together? I found two or three mounts for SDC pairs (Schoeps AMS22, Octava SM-MSR, maybe Shure A27M), but I don’t see any chance to have the heavy M179 and any SDC on one stand. And one stand is a condition, because it should be a minimalist solution for a concert situation, where as a musician, I have to set up this structure quickly and without risk, and after 10 minutes return to the stage and play with two or three other people. I’ll be grateful for your advice.
I have two M179's. I have experimented with them (long ago) in MS, but I don't think they made it into any actual recordings IIRC. Their polar pattern in fig8 is fairly consistent for such an inexpensive mic (much better than the cardioid pattern), at least until 10k.

They are heavy indeed, and though not really big, they'd be pretty visible as a pair. If you want simple to set up and inobtrusive and cheap and good, I'd go with CM4's in NOS with a shapeways mount. If you need to reduce environmental/crowd noise and/or if the room doesn't sound great, you might be better off with the CM4's. I have CM3's, and trust the CM4's to be close enough to recommend without having used them.

If the room sounds good and crowd noise and environmental noise won't be an issue, the OM1's in spaced pair could be a good choice. I don't have OM1's (just going on recordings shared here), so that's not a first-hand recommendation.

Another cheap mic I don't have but which might be worth checking out is the Superlux S502.

EDIT -- Just remembered that M179's are phantom power hogs; any pro level interface, recorder, or mixer should handle a pair of them fine, but I'm not sure if a very cheap interface or recorder (like a battery powered "shaver") will provide enough phantom for two of them.