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Etch-A-Sketch you're slow. Quit trying to mislead people . It sounds like you are working for the competition or something lmao. I already had the Splice terms cleared with my lawyer. All this means is that you cant take the sound by itself and have it copywritten, which makes sense because other subscribers have the right to use that sample as we did. However, if you take that sound and add stuff to it, it becomes YOUR composition. This protects other subscribers from getting sued for using the sample, However, if they copy your entire composition then you can sue. The tech wasn't saying you had to register it as a derivated work UNLESS you use the sample BY ITSELF! This makes complete sense!
I suspect they are talking about “splicing” another member’s project (community), in which case it becomes a “derivative work”.

Technically, you can’t really just release a sample “by itself”, (registered derivative or not) as in, here’s my original song, it’s just a Splice vocal loop by itself with nothing else! (IIRC, it also shouldn’t be used bare in a track without other elements present).

Perhaps your lawyer is a little “slow”?

In any event, I believe this has already been discussed and resolved to where it’s clear for the most part. The bigger legal issue is what happens when Splice inadvertently releases a sample that has been jacked from somewhere else? That’s the question you should be asking your lawyer about, as that’s what may end up causing the legal headaches down the road.