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It looks like the room will benefit from diffusers on the walls. Ethan Winer has a great Youtube video on this. Basically, walls will bounce back with pitched tones (you don't want that). But the diffusers break up the sound waves so they scatter with indistinct tones (which is what you want).

diffusors are often unfathomably expensive. but there are ones that are more affordable. for a setting like yours, i would personally go for a lot of square footage of something that is "good" rather than only get a small of something that is the "best".

there is a debate on whether you would want 2d or 3d diffusors, and which ones are better than others. but the difference between something and nothing is significant. so get a good amount of diffusors (whichever type your budget permits), and put them up on the walls.

you have put so much into this room, that it would be a shame not to control some of the wall slap with some diffusion. they really make an incredible improvement to the sound.

Thank you for your word. I'm watching his videos as you suggested,

I'm slowly building stuff (most of them diy), but will keep posting how it works out or not.

I'll look for diffuser as first for sure.