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Can someone please tell me what's going on here and which variant sounds best?

Thank you and greetings from Vienna!

I've owned beryllium and the latest model.

Although some people have had great success with the beryllium version, I had lots of problems with mine, so I returned them and got the newer version.

Which one sounds best? I'm not entirely sure, since my beryllium ones had issues. However, I'm pretty sure the tweeters were functioning properly.

Supposedly there were several manufacturing issues that were ironed out over time.

Honestly, I'm very happy with my late gen ones and would rule the tweeter differences negligible, or maybe non-existent, but then again, I did not compare them side by side. I only got my new pair months later, but from memory, that's my take, and I'm very happy with my speakers. They make me drool (sorry, TMI!).

My honest opinion is that you should forget any OCD tendencies (I have it too lol) and go with a newer, supposedly more reliable pair. They still give me what I need and I love them.

If you are too OCD and simply can't get over the possibility of there being differences, the only way you'll be happy is if you buy both and sell the pair you don't like. The difference is probably minimal and there is no way to tell which one you'll prefer.

Opals are already a polarizing speaker. Some love them and some hate them. However, monitors are a very personal choice. These are the ones for me and they pair up nicely with something like NS10's. To me, they do everything the NS10's don't, quite magically. I haven't quite found other monitors that do it for me like these do.
If you get them and hate them, something similar to try out are JBL708p's or Neumann Kh310's.

Good luck!