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Originally Posted by n0tu View Post
Yea Monkey, after getting my head burning looking at so much posts, I just thought exactly the same thing and imma buy them and be happy!
Oh, you'll be happy alright, mate.

Originally Posted by n0tu View Post
I listened to a pair at a local shop and I am completely astounded about the sound! Thanks for your input though as it makes me more sure about what to do!
Hey, all I was trying to do was be logical. It's easy to get caught up in minutia, especially these days, but as I suggested, if there were any significant differences between monitors that use differing elements and compounds, it'd reflect badly on the manufacturer and we'd also have seen endless whining about it here at GS for sure.

Happy to have helped, man, and excited for you. Be sure to let us know how they sound in your room, eh?