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On my fairly potent Win 10 machine, 32c v5 is running very solid. The only recurring crash potential is, as many other said, quitting the program, and even more likely closing a session and loading another as well as doing a realtime export (I have to because I use hardware inserts).
Same here on OSX El Capitain. Quitting Mixbus has the greatest crash incidence. It also doesn't get along with the digital i/o interface of my Metric Halo Lio-8 in terms of adding inserts. Analog i/o is no problem mind you. Would be lovely if they could fix some of these long-time issues.

Regardless, 32c sounds effortlessly better than any other DAW I've used, and believe me, I'd love for Logic to sound as good because it's more stable and very fast to scoot around in. Mixbus manages to acheive this 3D width thing not unlike my analog board, tightening the bottom end and giving everything space to breathe, while other DAWs sound slightly wider but totally 2D flat and rather congested, particularly in the low mids and lows.